Refinishing Tile Floors

Featuring stripping, waxing and buffing of tile floors. Over time, the wax builds up and displays unsightly discoloration. It can be visibly unappealing, and result in a negative influence on an organizational, professional or public image.

We take the most labor-intensive work off your shoulders and let you rest easy, by stripping off old dingy layers of wax and re-coating with fresh clean layers of high polymer floor finish. Watch your floors transform into a brilliant clean shine! The end result will be sure to impress you, with a finish that will extend the life of your tile, reduce marks and scratches, guard against soil penetration and can be maintained by you with relative ease.

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Commercial Tile Floor Refinishing in Upper Michigan

“We had Dale strip and wax our tile flooring in our Customer Counter area, office and kitchen. We are extremely happy with their service and the floors look amazing! We definitely recommend their service!” — Tammy Sullivan, Sales Assistant, Werner Electric Supply, Kingsford MI